Cosmos Building Maintenance has been maintaining my building for years and I get nothing but compliments from my tenants and residents. I work for a nationwide company called First Service Residential Realty, and I am the property manager for a multi-use building in the North Bay Area that includes commercial, residential, and retails spaces. The building is over 120,000 square feet, and Cosmos covers every square inch of it. They handle all of the day-to-day maintenance and repairs inside and out.

On the residential side, they handle all of the apartment turnovers upon move-outs, including full cleanings and carpet shampooing. They also handle all work orders and service requests from my residents, making sure their homes are always comfortable. On the commercial side, they have an incredible night janitorial crew that cleans every individual office every night, as well as the 10 shared bathrooms, making sure that my tenants can come to work in the morning and focus on their jobs. For the retail portion of the building, Cosmos makes sure the common areas and bathrooms are always looking their best seven days a week.

Cosmos is also a great company to call for quarterly scheduled maintenance. I oversee several other buildings that I call them for whenever I need window washing, pressure washing and carpet shampooing.

Cosmos Building Maintenance is the most detail-oriented company I have dealt with in all my years. I would recommend Cosmos to any person or company that has a high level of expectation.

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